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Dominations Life Hacks That REALLY Work

Dominations is one of the most popular and best mobile strategy games these days, so there’s no big surprise that many players out there are looking for cheats or hacks that will boost their progress in Dominations.

That was reason enough for me to test all of them myself to show you which ones do work and are actually useful and which ones are only wasting your time

Let’s go.

Life Hacks in Dominations

With the right strategy and skill you can actually reach the highest age and top of the leagues in Dominations and the cheats I will show you here will help you with that.

Life Hack #1 – Online Generators & Hack Tools

First of all let’s take a look at the hack tool, the generators that you most likely already have seen before yourself.

They work all the same way, they require you to enter your player name plus the amount of Crowns and resources you want to have in your Dominations account and they will send it to your account. Bottom line, none of the ones I tested have been working so the assumption that they don’t work seems to be the right one.

Life Hack #2 – More Medals

Getting into a higher league is helpful in Dominations because you will get more bonus rewards for a successful attack. This isn’t too much of a secret but the downside is that maintaining a high medal count isn’t easy. Here’s a small hack in Dominations that will help you lose fewer medals during your defenses.

The matchmaking in Dominations will normally serve you more players of lower leagues than players of the same or higher league – depending on what league you’re in this can be 80% or more bases of lower leagues. Now here comes the problem: the attacker of a higher league will get a lot less medals for winning but lose a lot more medals when not winning the attack.

dominations hack for more medals

You can use this to your advantage with a simple hack – expose your Town Hall when you go offline. In most cases, your base will get served to players that are over you, so they can take down your Town Hall pretty much for free and you will lose a lot less medals for that and get a cheap peace treaty for that.

Life Hack #3 – Faster Troop Deployment

dominations faster troop deployment

When your armies get bigger and bigger in Dominations you will start encountering the problem that deploying your troops will take a lot of time and every second they are not on the battlefield defenses are able to kill the troops that are on the battlefield. There’s a simple cheat that will help you – you can also deploy troops with two fingers and this will help you deploy the troops twice as fast.

Life Hack #4 – Free resources without losing medals

There used to be a hack that you can simply attack farms and storages and shut down Dominations and keep the resources without losing any medals as medals are only calculated when the battle finished. This hack doesn’t work anymore and got fixed quite a while ago, so don’t use it as it will cost you medals in Dominations!

Life Hack #5 – Control air units

Air units don’t appear randomly even when you might think that. When dividing the battlefield into a grid, they will always come from the closest direction but with the angles the view in Dominations has this is not like you might think it would be, see yourself:

Since that grid is not available in-game in Domination, simply drag a line in your head from the right to the left and the top to the bottom corner, this is pretty accurate 🙂

Looking for a good base design?

Having a solid abse design is the most effective way to succeed in Dominations in the long run – I have here some that you can use

Life Hack #7 – Stags for free Crowns

dominations free crowns from stags

Always look out for stags in your base.

They will spawn less frequently than other wildlife in Dominations but they will rewards you 3 to 6 free Crowns when you hunt them down (that depends on the age you’re in).

Life Hack #7 – Free Offers = Free Crowns

Inside the store you see the free offers that willl give you free Tapjoy offers. Do not focus on the upper ones that give many Crowns, they always require you to play a game until a certain stage that will require you dozens of hours (the same time will also reward you more progress in Dominations than the Crowns you get from them will give you).

If you scroll down you will see the best ones to earn free Crowns fast – watching videos or simply installing/opening apps. The rewards are lower but it takes less than a minute to complete them.

dominations free crowns

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