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Best Dominations Nation & Wonders

Wonders and nations are not set in stone in Dominations and can give you a strong boost – however, some boosts are stronger than others. Unfortunately it’s not cheap to change them once you build/choosen them so I’d like to help you with this guide here to choose the right wonders and nations in Dominations.

Best Nation in Dominations

Every nation has a special bonus they will give you and today there are clearly 3 nations that are the best in Dominations.


Best for early ages & casual player

Considered best by most players out there with the loot bonus you will get on every attack – this will add up over your whole career in Dominations and British are, without any doubt, the best nation to start out with when you’re early in the game as the loot bonus will help you incredibly!


Best for frequent players

If you’re an active player and attack a lot you really would like to switch over to the French nation in Dominations – they will train troops a lot faster, get more donated troops that can make the difference and have a very strong exclusive troop with the Cavaliere. If you’re not that active you still might think about sticking to British, otherwise choosing French this is a no-brainer.


Best for late-game

Germans are the strongest attacker nation in Domination, especially with the Rally bonus. The are probably the nation of choice in the end-game where their nation powers really pay off and you don’t need the economic and defensive benefits that much anymore.

My tip

Changing your nation costs 600 Crowns, so save that up and get ready to change your nation a few times in your Dominations career as I recommended above.

How to change nation or wonders?

When Dominations was released, it wasn’t possible to change your nation or wonder, but for quite a while now they made it available with the revolution feature. It costs you 600 Crowns to change your nation or wonder but that’s better than starting all over from the scratch, right?

dominations revolution change nation

Best Wonders in Dominations

Now let’s talk about the wonders to build.

Best Bronze Age Wonder

acropolis dominationsI’d recommend you to go with the Acropolis as first wonder that will give you a crazy defensive boost by spawning defending troops faster and also giving them a nice additional hitpoint boost. Alternatively the Hanging Gardens give a nice bonus on nearby mines and trees that can help you gain resources faster in Dominations.

The Stonehenge and the Pyramids are in my opinion not that great by only giving you additional boost to street network or farms.

Best Classical Age Wonder

Colosseum dominationsThe Colosseum is my favorite choice here because it’s practically a larger and faster Garrison plus the Strength of the Gladiator every 24 hours adds a strong tactical bonus. The Forbidden City is a nice alternative wonder when you’re focusing on protecting medals in Dominations. It works as a second City Center and prevents your opponent to get 100% in some cases.

Notre Dame and Terra Cotta Army are in my opinion less useful. In late game Notre Dame can be useful to save you resources in the Armory and Library but as a frequent player you shouldn’t have problems with that.

Best Gunpowder Age Wonder

Versailles dominationsI will take Versailles here without any second of thinking. It will slow down troops by 40% in a big range and give you an additional hitpoint boost on defenders and attacking troops making it worth at any time.

Alternatively, Angok Wat is helpful with a daily trade good bonus and a defensive healing bonus but still go for Versailles (especially when you’re using the French nation in Dominations).

Taj Mahal and Temple of Tikal are not very useful wonders compared to both other ones.

Best Industrial Age Wonder

brandenburg gate dominations

Brandenburg Gate has such a huge offense boost that it’s my number one choice for the Industrial Age when it comes to wonders in Dominations. Blitzkrieg is a very strong boost you get every 24 hours with it ignoring enemy defensive buildings that spawn defenders.

My second choice would be Kremlin that wll give a strong defensive boost with addition defenders and stronger walls.

Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower simply can’t keep up with the benefits both others offer so don’t waste your time with them.

Best Atomic Age Wonder

sydney opera house dominations

The additional citizen of the Sydney Opera House will help you progress faster and makes it a good choice when hitting the Atomic Age. In addition you will get shorter expedition times that will help you with the 4 or 5 days time here.

Alternatively I’d use the Atomium with an addition reset of the other wonders special abilities – if you use the Brandenburg Gate and Colosseum like I recommended above you get a nice bonus out of it.


I hope this guide here helped you out using the right nation and the right wonders in Dominations, if you’d like to add anything here please drop a comment below 🙂

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