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Best Dominations Base Layouts For All Ages

Defending is an important part in Dominations to evolve your progress. If constantly any attacker will steal all your resources you will have a hard time progressing.

I have here some nice base layouts that you can directly copy and use for your base.

Best Base Layouts for Dominations

Let’s have a look at the bases I suggest 🙂

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Best Bronze Age Base

In Bronze Age you won’t have enough walls to really protect your whole base so you should make sure to protect what is really important and that’s Food and Gold

DomiNations Best Bronze Age Base Design

With this setup, you make sure that the inside storages next to the Towers are best protected. The buildings on the outside will tank while the Towers can deal damage to them and this works pretty well in Bronze Age.

Best Iron Age Base

Starting at the Iron Age, you will have enough wall pieces to really build a base layout that is includes enough buildings inside the walls.

DomiNations Best Iron Age Base Design

This base layout includes all the defenses and the Town Hall center inside the core area with the walls so attackers will see attacking troops decimated before they can even reach the defenses.

Best Classical Age Base

In this Dominations base layout for the Classical Age has the long-range defenses in the absolute core and the other ones in the perimeter compartments.

DomiNations Best Classical Age Base Design

What makes this base really work out well is the farms and other buildings on the outside perimeter to prevent that the attacker can deploy troops nearby the core and only on the outside so they have to walk long distances and get loads of damage before they can even start destroying major parts of your base.

Best Medieval Age Base

This base layout can be used either as war base or also for protecting your resources in Dominations, simply switch in and out the Markets with the Garrison as you need it. The catapults will deal massive splash damage from secure positions and give the attacker a really hard time.

DomiNations Best Medieval Age Base Design

Best Gunpowder Age Base

Make sure to place your base in a corner like you can see in the screenshot, this will limit the attackers’ possibilities to place down troops correctly and he has to drop them at the outside line.

DomiNations Best Gunpowder Age Base Design

The general setup of this base layout here is a core with the buildings you want to protect most, surrounded by smaller compartments that hold the strong defenses that will deal damage to attacking units while they are still busy handling the outside perimeter buildings.

Best Enlightenment Age Base

This here is a nice war base for Dominations if you’re in the Engligtenment Age with a nice compartment layout. You can also adapt if for farming resources of you want by switching in the storages for some defenses.

DomiNations Best Enlightenment Age Base Design

Best Industrial Age Base

When you’re in the Industrial Age in Dominations, I can only recommend you to use this base here for protecting your resources while defending.

DomiNations Best Industrial Age Base Design

The exposed Town Hall will bait attackers and prevent you from losing any important parts of your base.

Best Global Age Base

Here is a base layout for Dominations that you will really love in Global Age. You have two sides left and right that the attacker won’t be able to take out simultaneously and you will see great success defending with it.

DomiNations Best Global Age Base Design

If you want to use this base for farming resources, you can switch out the Town Hall and get your storages in the center compartment.

Best Atomic Age Base

I really like how clever this base layout here defends with the center core and the distracting walls and wire around with the open spots. The attacker will pretty much use all forces to build a funnel but then will have problems actually getting into the core compartment.

DomiNations Best Atomic Age Base Design

Best Cold War Age Base

…coming soon…

Best Space Age Base

…coming soon…


I hope you found a good base layout for your Dominations account and if you have any suggestions please drop a comment below 🙂

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